Using in-house capability, extended through international partners, e-SEK offers organizations, layered software solutions that have the depth and breath to support business functions. e-SEK offers a portfolio of business software solutions.

Through these software solutions, e-SEK sees a future where its customers will be empowered to take all the gains from the high-end knowledge Processing sphere down to the day to day business process operations of their businesses a lot more smoothly.

With e-SEK as its service provider, a company can scan the competitive environment and turn the findings into knowledge, use it to guide the creation of strategy and company policies, use project office to manage the whole process, build business processes to put everything into action through the operations, choose to run with it in-house or outsource to specialist companies, and even better still, automate it by embedding the business logic in software to reduce margins of error. e-SEK will walk alongside its customers, to help them derive value from that entire value chain.

Imagine a different world with e-SEK solutions. A world where the only limit is your imagination. After repositioning your company for competitive advantage, creating strategy and defining its business processes, and implementing them, allow e-SEK to help you bring them to life with cherry picked innovative solutions.

e-SEK has a number of solutions that will take your policies and business processes, and allow employees, partners and customers to interact with your company from anywhere at anytime. Under the hood, powering the company without limits, is industrial strength cloud computing and robust ubiquitous software. With each of the software offerings below, e-SEK can begin with whatever you wish to address first. It could be all the services of e-SEK focused on a specific customer’s industry or just one of these offerings. The word “solution” is added to each title below to indicate that is it not just software that is on offer, the entire high-end and low-end spectrum of offerings is available.



Design and report on your strategy

Streamline strategy management – monitor Objective, KPI, and initiative performance.

The Executive Strategy Manager® or ESM® is a web-based software application that facilitates robust strategy management throughout an organization. lt enables the standardization and dissemination of strategic planning processes using the proven Kaplan Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology, while increasing collaboration, positioning strategy in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement throughout the organization.


Align employee performance

Save time by making employee reviews easy and connected to organizational goals.

Personal Balanced Scorecards (PBSC) drive strategy execution by enabling your organization to align its strategy down to the individual level. ESM’s PBSC module facilitates the alignment of individual contribution to corporate direction. Each employee’s PBSC works to align their personal objectives to higher level strategic elements (theme, objective, measure, or initiative) while organically developing individual commitment, responsibility, and accountability to the overall strategy.


Track and adapt your plan

Business strategy consulting services that allow you to own the planning process.

We combine best practice coaching with industry-leading ESM software to help you establish a strategy management system that will:

Translate your strategy into tangible, focused objectives.

Align your organization around its strategic priorities.

Provide a continuous feedback loop for real-time learning.

Executive Risk Manager

By managing risk through the Executive Risk Manager, organizations raise strategic risk to the executive table.  The Executive Risk Manager refines the process of organizing risks by approaching it strategically.  By integrating risk management into strategic management, organizations can seamlessly identify strategic gaps through monitoring risk. In doing so, the ERM improves organizational strategic execution, and reduces the impact and likelihood of risk events.


Prospering in today’s fast-pasted business environment is more challenging than ever. Increased competition and increasingly demanding customer expectations require a strong service based and customer driven approach.