ESM is a suite of web-based applications that facilitate robust strategy/BSC and performance management throughout an organization.

ESM+Perform enables organizations to link performance reviews directly to the organizational strategy, while increasing collaboration, positioning personal performance in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement of employees.

With over 16 years of history it is the original BSC SaaS platform and the only strategy management software created under the guidance of Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton – creators of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. ESM was born out of the consulting industry to meet the needs of strategy practitioners worldwide. CPM, Risk, Employee Performance, Initiative Programs integrate with ESM so you can execute on all facets of your corporate strategy in one place.

“The Balanced Scorecard works. With the ESM Suite, it works even better.”


The Executive Strategy Manager® or ESM® is a web-based software application that facilitates robust strategy management throughout an organization. lt enables the standardization and dissemination of strategic planning processes using the proven Kaplan Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology, while increasing collaboration, positioning strategy in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement throughout the organization.

Up and Running Fast

The unique ESM cloud computing software model enables organizations to take advantage of powerful performance management functionality without requiring months of implementation. Palladium’s secure servers, help you save on hardware expenditure and operational overhead. Local installations of the ESM are available.

Developed by the Creators of the Balanced Scorecard Concept

Designed and managed by the creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Drs. Kaplan and Norton, the ESM ensures alignment with BSC best practices to drive breakthrough results. With integrated technical and methodology help, plus acclaimed support from Palladium experts, the ESM will help you accelerate time to strategic results. ESM is a proven, scalable solution, designed to give organizations of virtually any size access to the world’s best combination of performance management software and expertise.

Extremely User Friendly

ESM is one of most user friendly applications on the market. Get started with the support of structured coaching modules, templates, and processes.

Streamlined Interface

The My ESM dashboard is customized for user specific, one-click access to element detail pages facilitating a streamlined reporting process.

On line Strategy Map

Design The Strategy Map allows for one-click access to strategic performance to accelerate decision making.

Integrated Initiative Management and Prioritization

Inventory, prioritize, approve, and manage the execution of all your initiatives in one place. Understand the impact your strategic expenditure will have on your business goals.

Quick Update Interface to Simplify Navigation for Executive Teams

Executive time is limited. Ensure success and buy-in for the Balanced Scorecard program by making the update process painless. The bookmarking of strategic elements continues to serve as a way to build a quick update page view.

Alignment Reports to Ensure Cascade Integrity

Understand how an objective and measure cascades through the organization using exclusive objective, measure, and initiative alignment reports.

SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces, and Change Agenda

Strategy formulation activities link to your Balanced Scorecards to closely link the strategic planning process with the strategy that you execute.

Sandbox for Proposing New Strategies

The Sandbox feature allows users to easily propose, modify, and share objectives, measures, and initiatives across scorecards.

Best Practice Templates, Objective Measure Databases, and Strategy Execution Library

A context sensitive search in the world’s largest on line repository of industry templates, cases, and interviews from past BSC champions from around the world is at your fingertips.

Simple Integration with Underlying Data Sources

Web service API and end user based Excel data import/export enables you to manipulate the data in ways that support the organization’s decision-making abilities.

Additional Features Include:

  • Personal Scorecard alignment
  • Excel based formula data tables and web charts
  • PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel exports


We believe that the re-thinking and review of an organisation’s fundamental business is becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation, profitability and sustainability.