ESM+Fast Track

We combine best practice coaching with industry-leading ESM software to help you establish a strategy management system
that will:

  • Translate your strategy into tangible, focused objectives
  • Align your organization around its strategic priorities
  • Provide a continuous feedback loop for real-time learning

Through a series of structured workshops and focused assignments, we engage your leadership team to develop a strategy map and Balanced Scorecard, so you realize immediate financial, customer, process, and cultural benefits.

We help you develop ownership and commitment to the strategy reporting process to ensure sustainable execution.

With over 16 years of history it is the original BSC SaaS platform and the only strategy management software created under the guidance of Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton – creators of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. ESM was born out of the consulting industry to meet the needs of strategy practitioners worldwide. CPM, Risk, Employee Performance, Initiative Programs integrate with ESM so you can execute on all facets of your corporate strategy in one place.

“The Balanced Scorecard works. With the ESM Suite, it works even better.”


Strategy Design

ESM experts will partner with your team to rapidly develop a Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map for your organization.

Objective, measure, and initiative workshop sessions will align leadership to the critical components of your strategy.

Strategy Alignment

Once your Balanced Scorecard is in place, cascade strategy to business units, regions, and individuals. ESM experts will help you align the entire organization to the top-level vision.

A cascaded strategy ensures that everyone from the board room to the mailroom is engaged with your plan.

Technology Support

With FastTrack, you receive access to ESM+Strategy, our proven web-based software platform that seamlessly supports your coaching and facilitation.

Meeting Facilitation

The hard work of strategy realization culminates in the Strategy Review Meeting (SRM) where you and your team come together and discuss the performance of your strategy.

Using ESM+Strategy, your team identifies key discussion items for your SRM, then generates a first report document.

ESM experts will then guide you through the SRM to provide best practices, facilitation, and structured follow-up materials.

In just six to eight weeks, we help develop your…

  • Strategy Map
  • Objective Statements
  • Measures and Initiatives
  • First Report Documents
  • Strategic Governance Calendar


We believe that the re-thinking and review of an organisation’s fundamental business is becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation, profitability and sustainability.