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We believe that the re-thinking and review of an organisation’s fundamental business is becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation and profitability and sustainability. It is thus essential to have a sound and organised framework to guide thinking through the process of formulating a ‘fresh’ business design that incorporates all the critical elements that drive and enhance organisational growth and sustainability.

To this extent, core processes: assessment of the external environment, assessment of the internal environment, review of the organisational mandate, review of the strategic direction, selection and adoption of a base strategy, design of a new business model, implementation of a new policies and strategies, project portfolio management and business enterprise architecture services facilitate the development of a framework that guides change and transformation in organisations.

Our experience in the past with the activities described above, has led to the development of a unique set of product offerings that encompass all the above elements, and even more value-adding additions to our initial services range.

Our rationale for the development of the services stems from our experiences in the past, our research indicating significant gaps in the provision of these services, as well as recognising the needs in the market for these services.

These product offerings are supported broad industry and subject-specific knowledge, flexibility to business needs and continuous improvement that caters for future developments and the dynamic economic environment.

Prospering in today’s fast-pasted business environment is more challenging than ever. Increased competition and increasingly demanding customer expectations require a strong service based and customer driven approach. Refining past practices to realise greater efficiencies no longer ensures organisational success and drastic change is required to meet today’s need for quality and service.

Most companies have strategies to address these challenges, but recent studies indicate that between 70% and 90% of organisations that have formulated strategies fail to execute them. A Fortune Magazine study shows that 7 out of 10 CEOs who fail, do so not because of bad strategy, but bad execution. In another study of Time 1000 companies, 80% of directors said they had the right strategies but only 14% thought they were implementing them well only 1 in 3 companies, in their own assessment, were achieving significant strategic success. Clear, effective strategy realisation is critical for achieving strategic success.

e-SEK recognised the need to demonstrate and facilitate the understanding of the customer’s environment by providing a view based on different organisational aspects and often differing customer and stakeholder demands. The e-SEK Business Solutions model allows us to adopt a structured and logical approach that will ensure that we understand the clients’ environment and related challenges, we facilitate and deliver and implement the appropriate solutions. Our approach to planning is to understand the requirements of the organisation and to define an approach most suitable for the transformation model of the organisation.

Our objective is to forge a strong relationship between client needs and organisational planning and to build on and improve organisational practice. We believe that organisational development should be a planned, systematic and participatory process of change that is intended to increase organisational effectives and to develop a continuing capacity for learning to not only help address current problems, but also increase the organisation’s ability to deal with future challenges.

Our customised Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management Solutions, technologies and services enable customers to improve organisational performance and meet business requirements.


Our project management approach adheres to the project management institute PMBOK. In addition it incorporates the best of the Association of Programme Managers (APM) UK key 40 competencies to project management. The tools, techniques and methodologies used also incorporate the best practices mentioned above.

Project Support Office Tools will help standardise, control and monitor the project work effort. The Project Support Office Model below puts into perspective the working relationships between the different layers within an overall project management framework.

The Project Office layer provides management with an independent view of project status and ensures that consistent project management; quality; documentation and change standards are applied project wide. This provides an environment conducive to the production of high-quality deliverables within the required timescale and budget. The Project Office’s areas of responsibility will vary according to the needs of the project, but will typically include:

  • Project Definition;
  • Project Planning and Monitoring;
  • Risk Management;
  • Quality Management;
  • Change Control;
  • Issue Management;
  • Dependency Management;
  • Project Library;
  • Project Administration;
  • Document Management;
  • Contract and Third Party Administration; and
  • Project Reporting.
The project management standards will enable the Project Manager and project team members to ensure that the project is managed in the most controlled and transparent manner. These standards are defined by Project Management in conjunction with the client.


Rethinking our value propositions has resulted in the development of innovative solutions that will enable greater integration for specific industries / sectors, but also across industries / national.

Some key shifts in our thinking were stimulated by the numerous challenges critical sectors face nationally and internationally:

The evolution of the company also provided for greater scope in service delivery. Service delivery through partnerships has enabled e-SEK to develop a range of products that address the needs of the business community. These services are described in the ensuing sections.


The management team comprise of permanent / permanently contracted professionals with appropriate qualifications, solid experience and complementary skills. The team has worked together on different projects and have demonstrated their ability to work in cross-functional team areas, but also with specific accountabilities in individual areas of expertise.

e-SEK leases permanent office space in Fourways in Sandton with facilities to execute services in line with its product offerings. This facility also presents the central point of consolidation, consultation and administrative activities of the company. At the same time, our focus on relationship management and “living” close to our clients calls for representation at the client’s premises. To this extent, the bulk of activities take place at the premises of our clients.


We believe that the re-thinking and review of an organisation’s fundamental business is becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation, profitability and sustainability.