Executive Risk Manager

ESM is a suite of web-based applications that facilitate robust strategy/BSC and performance management throughout an organization.

ESM+Perform enables organizations to link performance reviews directly to the organizational strategy, while increasing collaboration, positioning personal performance in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement of employees.

With over 16 years of history it is the original BSC SaaS platform and the only strategy management software created under the guidance of Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton – creators of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. ESM was born out of the consulting industry to meet the needs of strategy practitioners worldwide. CPM, Risk, Employee Performance, Initiative Programs integrate with ESM so you can execute on all facets of your corporate strategy in one place.

“The Balanced Scorecard works. With the ESM Suite, it works even better.”


By managing risk through the Executive Risk Manager, organizations raise strategic risk to the executive table.  The Executive Risk Manager refines the process of organizing risks by approaching it strategically.  By integrating risk management into strategic management, organizations can seamlessly identify strategic gaps through monitoring risk. In doing so, the ERM improves organizational strategic execution, and reduces the impact and likelihood of risk events.

Dynamic Heat Map Changes for Individual Risks


We believe that the re-thinking and review of an organisation’s fundamental business is becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation, profitability and sustainability.