Faced with the repetitive, high volume, low complexity work of execution, done via low end roles, in operations manned by administrative staff, a company has a choice regarding who should do it for them.

These are candidates for the traditional outsourcing. Customers may choose to outsource none-core business processes to specialists companies to benefit from efficiency and cost reduction. e-SEK is there to assist, as a service provider of choice.

Strategy needs to be translated into business processes. Once that is done, among the key decisions companies need to make is, what part of their low end and midlevel business processes they want to execute in-house, and what to outsource to specialist organisations that can give them speed to market and competitive cost savings.

In order to be lean and nimble it can be beneficial to outsource functions which are non core, that could be performed more efficiently and cost effectively by specialist companies outside of your line organization. The company’s attention, time and skill, is freed to be dedicated to the core business that drives their bottom line and not diffused to peripherals and support functions that only exist due to the success of the core.

The business roadmap is often a trail of tears for the many lost opportunities, due in part, to holding on to none-core functions, in a bid to have greater control on the company. Such companies end up being eaten up by rising costs of operations and out-performed by those competitors that outsourced their non-core functions to specialist and nimble companies. The resultant increase in speed to market, and cost reduction through economies of scales, makes a difference to the bottom line.


The e-SEK Business Solutions model allows us to adopt a structured and logical approach that will ensure that we understand the clients’ environment and related challenges, we facilitate and deliver and implement the appropriate solutions.